Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sensory Indigestion

That's what I call a state of mind when your senses take in more than your brain can digest and as a result, you are unable to express your thoughts and feelings effectively. That's what has happened to me.

But one can hardly expect anything else when one sees the Times Square and gets wet under the Niagara within the span of a week. Niagara Falls and New York City are very different places, whatever aspect you consider, apart from the fact that both lie in the New York State. While Niagara is a vivid demonstration of Nature's raw power, New York City is like a redwood forest made out of concrete, steel and glass. The former is a beautiful example of how technology can enable us to go closer to nature and appreciate its beauty, the latter is an example of how man made structures can transform a place in such a way that the very existence of Nature is forgotten. However, both are very similar in one way: both make one feel diminutive.

I went to New York twice in the last week; once last Sunday and once on Thursday. As I said in my previous post, TV and movies have made us familiar with so many things. The Empire State Building, the Chrysler building, Rockefeller Center, NYSE, World Financial Centers, Madison Square Garden, Statue of Liberty and Times Square were all very familiar to me (I am a Spiderman fan). But even when one takes away the awe of seeing these things for the first time, the very thought that I am standing in flesh and blood in the midst of these world famous structures is mind numbing. I will definitely describe this city in detail in one or more posts, but maybe after a few more visits when I have got used to it.
Times Square - Click to enlarge
The Niagara Falls was also very familiar to me. I knew the history and geography of the place very well. I had seen innumerable photos of the falls. What I did not know was what it feels like when one stands under the Niagara and lets the water hit his body after just one rebound from a huge rock. And I also did not know what it feels like when one stands on a boat floating between the "prongs" of the Horseshoe Falls. Both these experiences were simply indescribable. Then there were the changing lights that transformed Niagara from red to green and green to blue. I will write about Niagara also, but in a later post.
Niagara at night - Click to enlarge
As of now, I am enjoying a stay with my cousin brother and sister in law at Ithaca and planning to visit some local wineries tomorrow. I'll be back in time for college on Monday after the Labor Day weekend here. I hope to get over my sensory indigestion by that time, so that I can write a more coherent blog post on the differences between India and the US.

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  1. i agree its too hard to digest the greatest city and one of the best waterfalls in one shot......but how many on earth gets such an opportunity....????