Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Some Local "Wildlife" Photos

Once again I am too busy to post, with long hours spent away from a PC and proper Internet access. So once again it's time for another one of those "cheating" posts, where I write nothing but only post pictures.

My dragonfly photo was selected among the top 10 shots at my company's wildlife photography contest, so let me start with that photo.

Last Saturday my mother called me to the garden to see something strange that she had found there. I rushed out to find this strange moth sitting dressed in battle fatigues. I later found out that it is called the Oleander Hawk Moth (Daphnis nerii). My guess is that it hatched out from its pupa a few minutes ago.

Another strange fact that I discovered this Saturday is that some spiders have at least six eyes (Wikipedia says some have eight). In this photo you can see four robot like eyes in front. I noticed two at the back of the head as well. That explains Peter Parker's "spider sense"! By the way, this is a tiny wall spider less that a centimetre across and not a Tarantula or something like that.

Now some "wildlife" of the pet variety. A stray dog called Lali who comes to our house for leftovers gave birth to four puppies a few days ago. Three of them survive. We had a tough time keeping them out of our house on Sunday, since the gaps in our gate are too large to stop them and they don't even have the sense of what's right and what's not. In fact, it is almost impossible to scare them. Here's a photo of them trying to sleep on our front step, snuggling up to each other for a bit of warmth.
That's all for now I'm afraid. However, if we go by Anyesha's calculation, this post is about 4325 words long. I think that's good enough considering my busy schedule.