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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Momentary Rhyme

"স্ফুলিঙ্গ তার পাখায় পেল ক্ষণকালের ছন্দ।
উড়ে গিয়ে ফুরিয়ে গেল সেই তারি আনন্দ॥"

"The spark, in his wings, found momentary rhyme
He flew up and burnt out, that's his happy time."

~Rabindranath Tagore (translation by me).

I lost my iPhone even before I could use it for six months. So it is back to a normal phone for me for the time being - one that cannot be used for reading/ writing blogs. I bet my laptop must be rejoicing right now.

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Blogger Atreyee said...


12:39 AM, October 21, 2012  
Blogger Kuntala said...

Unsmart phone niye ghurchhen tahole ekhon?

10:44 PM, October 22, 2012  
Blogger Joy Forever said...

@Atreyee: :'(

@Kuntala: Ekdom... taate abar ardhek samaye signal dhorchhena.

11:11 PM, October 22, 2012  
Blogger Kuntala said...


9:52 PM, October 23, 2012  

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