Wednesday, December 17, 2008

White Blog Post

On Tuesday (16th December) I had an examination in the evening and it was snowing lightly when I walked to the examination hall from my lab at six. Over the last couple of weeks or so, I have become accustomed to light snow flurries and this one didn't feel much different. When I came out of the hall at 9:00 pm, however, I stopped dead in my tracks. The world was covered in several inches of white snow. Everything I saw was white. Students were throwing snow balls at each other.

I took out my camera and took soome pictures. Later when I walked back from the station to my house in the snow I called home and shared my excitement with my parents and sister. Everything looked much brighter than other nights because of the high reflectivity of the snow covered ground. I even went to the park early on Wednesday morning to take photos.

I do not have too many words to describe my feelings. This is primarily because seeing and feeling snow for the first time is such a different experience that it is very difficult to describe. It is also difficult for me to write because I was forced to stay indoors and study most of this time as I had another examination on Wednesday. Maybe some other day I can write about what playing with snow feels like, or how to build a snowman. For now, I will only share some photos of my surroundings and let my camera do the talking.

My university campus

Some chairs and tables in my university

My neighbours' house, photographed from my window at night.

Branch Brook Park, early morning of the 17th.

The melting of the snow can look very beautiful too!

The Newark Light Rail station at Branch Brook Park.

More photos are available here and also these in a larger size, so if you liked these and wish to see more, you can pay a visit.

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