Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Random Ramblings

I am currently enjoying the winter break at my cousin brother's house. I'll return home next week and start working on my research again. In the meantime, the weather is excellent - warm and sunny and it makes me feel guilty and frustrated to waste these days indoors. We plan to go somewhere tomorrow, but the weather report says tomorrow there will be rain and snow.

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While I have been sitting indoors, I have been working on a long post on New York City that will be published soon. I am working on a Tagore translation too. I edited and uploaded photos and videos from our Christmas trip to Rockefeller Center and the skiing trip to Campgaw Mountain for family members back in India. I did not attempt to learn skiing. In case anyone thinks I chickened out let me say that the official reason is that I did not have waterproof pants and gloves required for skiing and I am sticking to it. I made my first snowman (rather, a "snow-girl") for my three-year old nephew and it is not as easy as it seems. The one that I made was only about a foot high.

I am taking piano lessons from my nephew and hope to be able to play simple tunes soon. On the photography front, I am about to start a photoblog but can't decide on a name. Also, I intend to upgrade my Flickr account to a "pro" account, but have been putting off spending the money. I will probably do both of these things on 1st January.

I will end this post with a good news that I keep forgetting to write about. A couple of months ago, the president of my university chose a photo taken by me for his holiday greeting card (with my permission, of course, and not like what the Todis did). I was acknowledged as the photographer inside and a few copies of the finished card were given to me. At the beginning of this month the president sent the greeting to all faculty members, and although I knew of this beforehand, it felt really good to see a photo taken by me on the professors' desks and pinned along with the Christmas decorations in the library. Here's what it looks like:

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I wish all my readers a very happy new year in advance. See you next year!

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