Tuesday, April 03, 2007

How business grows...!

Around a year ago, I took the photograph given below in HITEC City, Hyderabad and later I also posted it in my blog as I thought the sign, though creative, was funny because of its spelling mistakes.
A few days before leaving Hyderabad, I went to the same place again, this time at night, and I found the “mekhanic” working at the same place. The way his business has grown is amazing! Now he has a mobile phone and provides service round the clock. A look at this photo below will make things clear.

It just shows that hard work can do wonders for your business, even if you are illiterate and poor.


  1. All I can say is that the last snap on ‘Misc’ post was superb!!!!! So I left a comment there!
    But one thing – now a day even rickshaw pullers have cells so no wonder those “mekhanic” will have one. Want to know something? If one looks at those spelling for long then he/she starts to think those spellings to be right!!!!!

  2. well I feel proud of being with you when you take some snaps and post it on blog. ;-0

  3. hmmmm...
    it was really nice 2 c d "puncher" doing well at his work. :)

  4. @anonymous: Thanks, I replied to it there. About spelling, these days because of getting used to spell check and autocorrect, I can't even remember simple spellings while writing!

    @abhijit: Thanks! I also feel proud to have taken a snap which you posted on your blog.

    @aurindam: He's doing well, indeed!

  5. Yes, hard work pays off indeed. And you have a eye for details.

  6. @shreemoyee: Thanks! That's my job, to find out bugs.

  7. Hard Work Never Pays Off ! Smart work does. But if you have the love and passion for what you are doing and you know that it makes you happy, then yes..work hard !

    Get out of such mental blocks.Hard working people more often than not try to impress others and end up no where.