Saturday, October 07, 2006


This post is titled Misc. That is because it contains all kinds of junk, much like the 'Misc' folder on my hard disk that contains just about any kind of stuff.
Hardly had the Puja nostalgia left me when this problem came up at work... I'm not really in a frame of mind to write. Not that I don't have time. On the contrary, since the last one week I have all the time in the world, but I can't think of anything to write.
Since my team's work came to a standstill last Wednesday, I have been facing many odd situations; situations out of Wodehouse stories. For instance, on Wednesday my boss left at 2:00 pm and dropped me home on the way. On Thursday my boss came asking to me for games... she wanted some computer games so that she could pass her time. On Friday, as soon as the clock struck 6:00 she came to my seat and shoo'd me out. "Why, it's six, and you are still sitting here on a Friday? Go home and enjoy!" I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming, since the same boss had made me stay till 10:00 pm on Tuesday.
But this lack of work is not funny. It signifies a three month delay in the ending of my project, and the plan that I had made for getting transferred to Kolkata is ruined. I am still trying to salvage it, and will keep trying, but I don't see much hope. I could rant about this for long, specifically mentioning the worthless people responsible for this, but that would be against the "Blogging Policy" of my company. So I stop here.
Coming back to my plight, this has happened with me throughout my school/college life. Before the exams, I'd be so sleepy that I would never be able to study at night. The day exams ended, it would be hard to go to sleep. Likewise, when I had blog post subjects left and right, I hardly had enough time to sleep. Now, when I'm swimming in time, I can't think of a topic.
So without beating about the same bush again and again, let me post a few funny signs that I came across here in Hyderabad.
Came across this one in HITEC City... probably a mechanic and puncture repairman sits under this. While the sign itself is quite creative, unfortunately the same can be said about the spelling.

This one on a juice seller's shop in Madhapur. You have to accept one thing: the guy's pretty consistent about his spelling.

Then there is this one. Now don't ask me how or why a "Desine Studio" can be named "Since.....". Just sit back and enjoy.

Found this one in a Durga Puja Pandal. Is that really a new word in the dictionary or just an old one that I am unaware of? Unlike the other signs, this one must have been written by a literate person.

But the first prize goes to...
This sign stands at the top of Golkonda fort. It is really amazing. Every time I read it I find something new!
That's all for now. I hope to be back with a proper post soon.


  1. the real fun of blogging lies in imperfection and improper things. most blogers have started working hard to keep them perfect and proper, and we have lost the real charm of bloggin.. i like this post of urs, and u think best in whtever i had read from u.

    please be imperfect and improper (i m nt sure if spelled all the words correctly)

    thx & rgds

  2. Very amusing pictures. About your earlier experiences, remember murphy's law "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong" or "God proposes, man disposes"

  3. well tht was KEWL!!
    itz amazing 2 c u findin time 2 mk such n intersting post in-spite of d time crunch.
    The pics really form a good collection. I loved the "mekhanic-punchers" one the most. I really wonder if any foreigner wud dare go there 2 get his tyre fixed!!!

  4. @ken: Yes, I believe that too. Basically blogging is writing for my own satisfaction, though it is read by others as well.

    @hiren: Hmm... Still, men have to propose.

    @aurindam: Thanks! Nice to see that you are visiting here regularly again. Yes, the "Mekhanik-Punchers" one is nice. Maybe the foreigners will be afraid of geting punched in their face.
    I keep taking photos of such wierd things around me (an important reason why passers by think I'm crazy)... I'll post more again sometime when I don't have anything else to write.

  5. Good post! You should do more misc posts :)

    The question is did you drink the Frut Juce or not :D

  6. durga pujo-te pocketmaar! ashadaron!

  7. The Quality conciousness in you at work again! :)

  8. @twisted dna: Yes, actually my sister pointed out the spelling to me while we were drinking the mixed frut juce. And really, he makes delicious frut juce.

    @hutumthumo: Hmmm... ma esechhen bole ki ar amra (Hyderabad-e) kaj kormo chhere diye bose achhi? Tahole pocketmar rai ba...

    @shreemoyee: Well... unfortunately yes :(
    But bugs like this make life a lot more entertaining.

  9. ur blog is much more jazzier then real u, or may be i have not seen the real u..

  10. Sugata,

    Was reading ur blog since a while... basically got u in Abhijit's list. U put ur words well...

  11. Boy oh boy what can I say that is printable!!!! With all those words like ‘errection’, ‘opening said to be the mouth’, ‘secret passage’ – the only thing that comes to anybody’s mind is ‘danzer’ followed by ‘emargency’!!!!!!
    Compared to others this one takes the cake for sure!!!!!

  12. @anonymous: Oh, there's a lot more in that! You missed gems like "terrece" and "occations". As I said, it has something new to offer everytime you read it... mark of a true classic.