Friday, December 08, 2006

Thundering Typhoons!!!

This is more of a warning to anybody who chances upon this blog than a proper post. You can call it a private rant if you wish. Just needed a way to vent my frustration.

Do not buy anything from Jaikishan Brothers, Mumbai. They are a bunch of thieves, thugs, pirates, ectoplasms, troglodytes, a bagful of bearded baboons, a plateful of periplanata americana.

They sold me this Sony MemoryStick Pro™ for my digital camera in January 2006 with one year warranty, and now when I go to change it because it is malfunctioning they spin up all kinds of stories. Some of them are worth hearing:
  1. Why did you bring it so late? Because, you nincompoops, it stopped functioning just now. And what do you mean by 'late' when I have a warranty for one year?
  2. It is physically damaged. It must have been opened. We can't replace that. A very good story, you could get that published. It has been opened along with your skulls and the material taken out from the insides of both. I don't see any difference in my Memory Stick and a new one apart from the normal wear and tear that results from ten moths of use. If it's damaged you must have sold it like that.
  3. Our shop's management has changed and we won't take any responsibility for anything the older owner has sold you. OK, that's a nice way of saying, "We will rob you in broad daylight, let's see what you can do about it."

To borrow a quote from someone (Mark Twain?), "Some people are alive only because it is illegal to kill them."

Anyway, here's a detailed address of the shop in case some guy wants to Google for this shop and find out stuff.

Jaikishan Brothers

Mobile Phones, Accessories & Photo Stores

191, Dr. D. N. Road, Ground Floor, Opposite Central Bank of India,

Fort, Mumbai - 400 001

Tel: 22678263, 22678264. Fax: 22625781


  1. that's horrible! just threaten them with cops or something. Yes, I do know it's unlikely that something like this will work tries. :-)

  2. Well... I live in Hyderabad. Trying to threaten them with cops in Mumbai is more likely to be a source of amusement to them, nothing more.