Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shifting Base

This is my last blog written from my present residence. I am moving to a new flat on Saturday. I have been staying here since September 2005 and I'm in love with this place. However, the owner has almost doubled the rent, so I have no other option left.

Also, my new flat will not have an Internet connection. My present service provider Airtel said they 'do not have connectivity' in that particular building, which is actually visible from my current flat. I thought that was the most hilarious thing that they could say to a customer. I was wrong. When I asked the executives of Hutch about the tariffs for connecting to the Internet using my cell phone, they gave me an estimate which is a little over Rs. 50000 per month for 1 GB data transfer. No, it's not a typo- it's actually rupees fifty thousand only. Any standard broadband connection here costs around Rs. 600 for 1 GB, and those are much faster than the mobile phone thing, so I assume that Hutch people are actually encouraging users to go to their competitors. So nice of them.

Not that I can't survive without the Internet at home. I don't believe in getting too used to anything, especially as I spend much of the day at office where I have a dedicated Internet connection at my disposal. But two things are going to be difficult.

Firstly, blogging. Previously, almost all of my blog posts were written at home. Now I'll have to post blogs from the office. Also, since I won't have any way to carry any typed material from home to the office, I'll have to type the posts there as well. Well, that's going to reduce the monotony of the typical weekday at work, but the frequency of posts may go down. Secondly, I will have to find out a way of transferring the photos that I take with my digital camera to the outside world. In the worst case I'll have to visit a cybercafe from time to time.

I must end this post here, for I have to go and pack my things. The last weekend was spent mostly in hunting for a flat, and this one will go in shifting. I have a hell lot of things for a bachelor too! So goodbye for now.


  1. Now's a good time to get yourself one of those cool, around your neck flash drives (if you don't already have one) for Christmas.

  2. @anyesha: Yes, it is a good time to buy one of those. Only problem is it won't exactly help in my situation, as we are officially forbidden to carry any kind of storage media into our office premises. I will have to find out a workaround...

  3. Its really sad to kno tht ur "blogging rate" will go down. But then we'll b on a level-ground as ur situation will similar to me.... but of course u still hav more facilities!!
    but i'd luv 2 c u wid a net connection.... think of ur frenz n my-best-frend too!!

  4. This is so strange, how can there be no internet across a building. But don't stop blogging.

  5. @aurindam: Yes... all my chat friends will miss me.

    @shreemoyee: Actually a part of the building is still under construction, probably that is why Internet connection has not come yet. I could have probably taken a cable broadband connection, but they take a large non-refundable amount as connection charge. Since I'll not be staying here for long, I don't want to spend that amount.

  6. Joy,when you say all storage media are forbidden do that include iPods as well? They can come handy for storing data too. Anyways since you mentioned that there'll be a tagline change probably early next year,my guess would be you are off to better place in terms of net-connectivity.Wish you all the best and till then will be missing your Direct-Dil-Se kind of blogging style.

  7. @bishu: Thanks. You won't be 'missing' my blogs altogether. I'll still be writing.
    And yes, iPods or any other kinds of MP3 players are banned in our office as well. I can guess your guess about my tagline change, and what you think is not entirely right, nor entirely wrong. I'll be moving, but whether to a place with better net connectivity, only time will tell.

  8. Yourfangb writes:
    In reply to your comment in GB's post, I wrote 'As for “I do not have the knowledge on various topics” let me be the judge for which I need to read your blog'. So here I am.

    In a virtual world what can I give you as a house warming gift? How about a virtual smile? It ain’t Monalisa but it is not that bad either. Anyway, I send you warm wishes for happiness in your new abode.

    All things said and done about WB, no one in WB can double the rent in one go and indirectly force the tenant out.

    When I get some time I shall comment on your song choices and my suggestion.

    Instead of being perturbed how do you remain so cool after not being able to chat or having to cope with less blogging? You are joy forever not for nothing.

  9. @Yourfangb: Thanks for your visit, your comment, and your wishes. Please do visit again and read some of my older blog posts. This is a personal blog and not about social issues like GB's. However I hope you'll like some of them.
    Probably you are right that in WB nobody can double the rent in one go. But here the rent was actually much less than the market rate before, and he gave us two months notice. I personally believe that a flat owner has the right to change the rent of his flat as he wishes, and if it doesn't suit me (the tenant), I should move out (as I did).

  10. Joy...just get a zip drive...type at from office.