Thursday, March 16, 2006


Night falls on the world around me. I am sitting in my front of my PC. My flatmate goes to sleep in his room. I am browsing folders, surfing the net. Copying photos from my digital camera to the hard disk. An old friend logs into Orkut, and we start a scrap-war. An unexpected name or two pops up in Yahoo Messenger, and we get into a conference and photo-sharing. Some not-so-close friends also pop up. I'll stay invisible to them.

I work a little on an animated greeting card for a friend, then a little on a code. John Denver and Kishore Kumar sing softly out of my speakers. I read an e-book, then play a rubber of bridge. I read a few blogs, then take some online tutorials.

I'm feeling sleepy. I know I have to go to the office next morning, so I must go to sleep now. But sleep relaxes only my body. For mental relaxation I need to unwind with my PC.

I start making mistakes. It is 2:30 AM. I start dozing off on my chair. Finally I get up, clear up a place large enough to sleep at the centre of my bed (usually it is full of old newspapers since I am too lazy to get rid of them after solving crosswords), get into bed and turn off the light. But the room is not dark. My computer, monitor, speaker and mouse are emitting a soft glow from their respective LEDs. My passion for photography gets the better of me... I click a photo of the dark room lying on my bed.

When I'm almost asleep, I only just remember to set the alarm on my mobile.

Then the alarm rings, and I wake up.


  1. Hmmmm.... so u r in a regular "Scrap Warrior". I thought it was me who provoked u into it everytime u wer buzy "doing nothing"!!

  2. lovely pic..& question,rather two were nagging me..
    1)do u reach office on time???
    2)if u do,u stay awake..there??


  3. @aurindam:Be humble! A lot was achieved before you were born...

    @abhijit:Thank you!

    @why was i born:The answer to both questions is officialy 'Yes'. Unofficially... well, could we settle on the answer "more or less"? :)

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  5. GRRRRR.....
    It seems now 2 want to tk thngs 2 a diff level. A blog-comment WAR!!. Ok lets c what hav u got.

  6. GRRRRR.....
    It seems now 2 want to tk thngs 2 a diff level. A blog-comment WAR!!. Ok lets c what hav u got.

  7. @aurindam: I didn't quite get what you meant by that... even after seeing that comment twice on my blog!