Saturday, March 04, 2006

Joy for readers...

Blogging is like votebank politics, really. Seems my last two posts haven't gone down too well with my readers. Especially after reading the last one some people actually threatened to stop reading my blog. That is why I've decided to switch back to the narrative style that has been appreciated by many people in the past (Strangely, people praise you on your face, but avoid leaving any record in the comments section!). So I'll be doing something which I had decided not to do when I had started A Joyful Experience. I'll be writing what others like, and not whatever comes to my mind. But that's part of the game, I guess! I hope even that will be as joyful an experience for me.

I'll post my next write-up soon.


  1. donn b stupid sugata [:x]
    Blogs r meant 2 xpress ur feelings n point-of-view and NOT 2 obtain great ratings by ur readers. Well thats what my opinion is and atleast thats why i created MY blog for, if u differ then well ..... being a good frend of urs i cant threaten 2 stop reading ur blogs !! But still think abt what i'v just said.

  2. @aurindam:Hey! No need to get senti and all... As I wrote earlier, I love writing. So I'll still be expressing my feelings and point-of-view... only, instead of choosing abstract topics like "Eureka!" etc, they will be more on the lines of "My brother's birthday". That is, I'll be narrating my experiences more from now on. However, I can't guarantee that once in a while you won't see an abstract post!

  3. he he..

    Sugata.. I write something and say my friends to read and comment if any.I always expect that they should encourage us. But main thing one should understand that you are blogging just whatever comes in your mind. You / me should not think that people won't read it/ like it. Because you are liking to write it.

    Write anything comes in your mind. No issues. Liking or not is very individual view.

  4. You can always express your opinions on abstract topics. I am going to start a series..

    Abhijit Speaks on: XXXXX

    XXXX can range from Hinduism to IT-culture.

  5. @abhijit:Actually, even I was not satisfied with my last two blogs. My friends only confirmed that feeling. That is why maybe I'll change my style.

    And there are way too many blogs in the cyberspace writing about all that current affairs stuff, or controversies, or political news...My blog will never serve as a newspaper. It will always be about ME and MY feelings and MY experiences...