Saturday, February 04, 2006

I did it at last!!!

It all started when I had an unusually bad day at work and I described it in detail in a mail sent to a group of my college friends. Most people ignored it, of course, but not Rohit. His reply was prompt: "This ain't your blog Sugata. By the looks of it, you need one desperately!"
That sent me thinking... I used to like English a lot during my school days (that's one of the reasons behind people thinking I'm crazy)... I even managed to get a prize or two in creative writing, even though that was only due to the lack of worthy competitors. Writing lengthy English compositions used to be truly a joyful experience for me. But I had lost touch with all that in college. Wouldn't it be nice if I could start a blog and get back to writing?
But therein lay the big problem. I'm not only crazy, I'm terribly lazy as well. The effort to be put in creating the blog frightened me so much that I made excuse after excuse and kept putting it off. Finally I decided I'd start it once my PC arrives from Kolkata. But that PC did not arrive... Why? That is a story long enough to be put in a post of its own. Then I kept on storming my brain for a good name for the blog, and decided that I wouldn't create it unless I was absolutely satisfied with the name. This name came to me one night when I was half asleep, and I haven't been able to think up a better one since then.
To cut a long story short, my flatmate has gone to Bangalore for the weekend, and I've finally created this blog using his PC. It's good that I did, because I was running out of excuses for not doing it, especially since I spend 8 to 10 hours everyday seated in front of a computer with Internet connection. The main motivation for my finally doing it was my friend Aurindam, who told me to read his newly created blog a little while ago. I wanted to comment on his blog, but found that only bloggers could comment there. That did it!
So what do we see? At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps (at least our half of the world), I will awake to a new existence... that of a blogger. The writer within me is being reborn, like a phoenix, from the ashes of the engineering college guy who forgot how to write. Now I will...
Guess I'm feeling too sleepy to continue this any longer. I've already written a lot of nonsense. It's better to stop now, or I'll scare away any readers who might have chanced upon my blog with my very first post!


  1. making people read nonsense is the purpose of blogging..thats why me too started it.

  2. i kno u didnt tk inspiration for ur template from my orkut pic. i also kno that u didnt tk inspiration for ur blog content from my blog. How did i kno?? well itz not 'coz u told me those things itz 'coz i kno u have the CREATIVITY !! Carry on buddy, we hav miles 2 go .......

  3. @abhijit: Well said. But you seem to be writing serious poetry...not just nonsense. :)

    @Wondering Albatross: Thanks buddy! I have no doubt that you have the CREATIVITY too!:)