Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Ever since I wrote down the title of this post sometime in the morning, I have been trying to squeeze out some time from my busy post-lunch schedule to follow it up. But I have reached EOD and I'm still struggling to complete it. My PM wanted me to update him sometime about my progress. So I had to sync up with him and provide him some inputs. Then I had to face an unexpected T-Con interview from an onsite guy. Seemingly my PM wants to introduce me as a fallback replacement for someone in a project who is getting transferred. So he introduced me to the onsite manager, who will carry it forward on the client side. He also tagged me with some guys here who will be giving me inputs on the project.

One of the screws on my spectacles was loose for quite some time. It gave away in the lunch break today, and the left side glass fell down and split in two. But life is impossible for me without glasses... especially with so many pretty girls around to ogle at. So I fixed it up promptly and made it wearable. Im wearing my glasses with a crack down the middle of my left eye since then.

Then one of the members of our team left today to pursue better opportinities outside our company. We gathered in the cafetaria to give him a warm farewell, and after a brief inaudible speech from him, we shared the cake, samosas and soft drinks in a fashion which reminded me of a movie I saw on the National Geographic Channel last week. This movie showed a pack of vultures devouring a deer carcass. For a few minutes only the backs of the vultures were visible amidst a lot of confusion, then it all cleared up showing a pile of bones!

For a change, I also had some deliverables to hand over to the client. I had to redesign some GUI components and upload them to the onsite support team for the client's approval during the POC meeting tomorrow. In the meantime, I added a photo to my profile in this blog, and also created a cool banner which I was unable to attach to the top of this page. So the look remains the same for now.

It's almost half past eight now. My friend Chirantan helped me to procure three tickets for Rang De Basanti tomorrow. So hopefully I can leave for the day a lot earlier than this tomorrow. As regards my new project, the client is adamant on interviewing me, so I better get prepared to be grilled properly. I have to brush up all my domain knowledge, both technical as well as business unit related. Only then I can hope to meet the expectation of my interviewer and convince him that I am suitable for his business requirement. I hope I will get through and become billable. Future prspects are promising. I'm about to get my brain out of the drain it seems. I will not do any value addition to my knowledge, but frankly speaking I should not have any issues as long as I get my salary. So readers, wish me all the best!

[Update: As you can see, that banner and several more are working now.]

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