Saturday, May 13, 2006


This is not a proper post... just a funny photo that I took, and wanted to share.

A few days ago, I came across this post by Greatbong. As he says, a picture is worth a thousand words... so I am posting this photo that shows a retractor that was sent to me as a gift from USA. The picture says the rest.

I expected Americans to make at least the advertisements for their products in their own country!


  1. Goint Point, very well made. Another possible way to to look at it is that China has almost become the manufacturing hub of USA, almost as if an extension of American Mainland; a relationship which works for both parties & Much more for the former. The thing that should be admired is that the Americans did not take the credit by taking that "Made in China" sticker off the product!

  2. :) Quite funny.
    Came from vb's site.

    I was thinking of exploring orkut but it needs an invitation. Is it possible for you to fwd me one?


  3. @chirantan: Exactly what I thought too... But I guess there must be some legal issue preventing them from doing that.

    @shivani: Sure! Give me your mail ID where I can send the invite. Who's vb by the way?

  4. Thank you Sugata.
    My email id is :
    earth{DOT}breath at gmail

    vb is ventilatorblues blog :)

  5. even apple and sony ...lately Mahindra has opened up manufacturing centres @china.

    well .. your photogrpahy is becoming richer day by day..after moskito this should be another best close up photo..

  6. Why only manufacturing??...with so many soldiers dying in the IRAQ war may be Georgy & the US will outsource the next probale war ( IRAN) to China. who knows!!
    U got a nice Blog. byebye (newBlogger)

  7. @aurindam: What's cool? My retractor? Or the photo? Or is it the Americans' idea you are referring to?

    @rahul sengupta: That's a good idea... just don't let Georgie hear that!