Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Here's a checklist that I have been checking off over the last month.
  • Buy gifts for family. Done.
  • Buy gifts for others. Done.
  • Buy chocolates. Done.
  • Buy cosmetics. Done.
  • Pack suitcase. Done.
  • Order stuff online. Done.
  • Order cards and calendars. Done.
  • Weigh suitcase. Done. No problem, it's jut 42lbs.
  • Cancel monthly rail pass for January. Done.
  • Get I-20 signed. Done.
  • Arrange for year-ending party for the CS dept. club. Done.
  • Edit and print a newsletter for the CS dept. club. Done.
  • Tell advisor that I'm going for vacation. Done.
  • Set final exam paper. To do.
  • Damn! I left the chocolates in the fridge while weighing. Re-pack suitcase. Done.
  • Re-weigh suitcase. Done. It's 47lbs now.
  • Print tickets. To do.
  • Finish food in the fridge. Nearly done.
  • Get back to gym. Done.
  • Reduce weight before going to India. No chance!
  • Go pick up the stuff ordered online from the post office because the postman came when I was away. Done.
  • Forgot to buy something... last minute shopping. Done.
  • Go to take pictures of Christmas decorations in NYC. Done.
  • Repack and reweigh. Done. Suitcase now weighs 55 lbs.
  • Distribute cards and calendars by hand. Nearly done.
  • Mail cards for USPS delivery. To do.
  • Talk to phone company to reduce billing for a month when I am away. To do.
  • Report submissions to advisor (2). To do.
  • Do laundry. To do.
  • Unpack and repack suitcase by reducing some stuff. To do.
  • Re-weigh suitcase. Have to get it under 50 lbs. To do.
That should explain why I am not writing these days. As you can see, most of that stuff is done. Hope to be back to blogging soon!


  1. Reducing weight before going home...pointless! We are going to be fed and stuffed willingly, might as well make that "Rejoin gym ASAP after getting back to Newark".

    Gives me a feeling of all the good things to come :)

  2. @Sumana: That is the point! I know I am going to gain at least 10 lbs in India, so I wanted to shed them before I left.

  3. I am looking forward to get stuffed and fed :D. And no more gymming atleast for a month after I come back to this Newark! Never!! Happy Holidays btw :). enjoy :) :)

  4. sorbonash, ami to apnar list poRei hNapiye gelam! eto kaaj koren ki kore moshai? protibha! ami eto kaaj thakle ektao na kore haal chheRe diye shuye thaktam.

  5. Kuntala di, jio! Ami etai kori, aar tarpor gaali khai :D

  6. I appreciate these comments. visit rosesandgifts dot com.(send gifts,flowers and cakes to India.).

  7. @Kuntala: Aha amio ardhek samay oirakombhabe shuyei katai, taai baki samaytay aro byasto hoye poRi.