Sunday, October 16, 2011


Wishful thinking and trying to ignore my birthday were of no use. My ageing problem reached such alarming proportions yesterday that I turned thirty overnight. The good thing is, I got to eat good food, received gifts, and was wished by Kuntala on her blog and by over a hundred friends on Facebook. As Garfield points out here, it is easy to decide whether I like birthdays or not.

A more detailed post on the occasion of my birthday appears in a Bengali blog post on my other blog.


  1. A very warm welcome to the club.

  2. Happy Birthday! My husband crossed that milestone a couple of years back and I see no telltale signs of aging! therefore, worry not!

  3. @Kuntala: Thanks! By looking at people like you I get the hope that I may yet do something good after thirty.

    @Deepanjana: But he is married to you! Probably your care prevents those signs of aging? That may not apply to me.