Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Am I glad!

Oh boy! Am I glad that I didn't sue Lux Cozi owner Ashok Todi for stealing my photo and using it for his advertisement! The way things are unfolding, it would probably have been very injurious to my health if I did.

First Rizwanur Rehman, the man marrying his daughter Priyanka committed "suicide". Then the top police officers all over the state bent over backwards to rubbish any theory of murder. The judge who issued the arrest warrant for Mr. Todi  received a threatening letter. Mr. Todi and the other accused were released on bail, obviously. And now, the railway police officer investigating Rizwanur's death has committed "suicide" in an identical manner. All this is very natural, of course. Nothing to be suspicious about. Divine justice, I call it.

I find the area near the Dum Dum railway station a bit unnerving since the day I saw half a man lying on the railway tracks there. Now had I sued Mr. Todi (who is an honourable man) for using my photo as a hoarding, I might have to go near the Dum Dum railway station. I wouldn't have liked that at all - Dum Dum may have its good points, but Newark is the airport city I prefer.

So Mr. Todi, in case you are reading this, here is my unconditional apology for calling you a thief and a murderer. I have lots of photos on my FlickR album at your disposal, sir. Feel free to use them for your advertisements. Don't even consider paying for them, sir. The fact that I am able to stay alive in your kingdom is rewarding enough for me. Here's wishing you all the best; now that the nosey police officer has committed suicide, I hope you and your family can live in peace. All's well that ends well.

[Thanks to Loken Sir for bringing this news story to my notice.]

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