Saturday, February 23, 2008

Blog Block

There is an ongoing conspiracy to prevent my blogging, and God is the Conspirator-in-Chief.

As if the workload and other problems were not enough, my company suddenly decided to block Blogger. Probably they realised that their brain-hoarding was not being effective as long as the free souls "on the bench" could utilise their brain in blogging and reading blogs. Since I have been spending more than half the day in office pretending to work, that drastically cut down my blogging time.

Then there was the cold that makes one lazy and sleepy. I used to nod off while trying to write posts at night and longed for the warmth of my bed. When the weather changed last week, I composed a post on the coming of spring and all, and how winter was finally gone. Before I could publish it, however, God intervened. That night I woke up with sound of a rainstorm raging outside and the loudest thunderclaps that I have ever heard, and the cold was back with a bang the next morning. That spring post will have to wait a few days I guess.

After that, my home broadband Internet connection broke down last Thursday, and even my plans for writing a post on my inability to write a post were jeopardized. Finally, my Internet connection was restored only a few hours ago and since I have office early tomorrow (Sigh! Tomorrow is a Sunday) and I can't stay up much late tonight, I thought I would sneak in this short post before something else happens to prevent me from blogging again.

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  1. well.. you got two posts out in quick succession, so may be things are getting better :)