Thursday, September 20, 2007

Durga Puja Approaches

It’s that time of the year again, when the sky turns blue, and the fields turn white (at least wherever you can find “kaash phool” – the grass flowers – nowadays). The clouds swell up like pristine white mounds of cotton wool and form strange shapes in the sky. It is that time of the year when the early mornings turn chilly, and the sunshine changes direction. The crowd in the clothes shops and shopping malls increases until it is impossible to buy anything without jostling for half an hour. Everybody runs to the tailors to get new clothes stitched, until the tailors refuse to take any more orders. Structures made of bamboo, cloth and plywood start taking shape in some of the fields. The “Pujabarshiki” (Puja editions) of different magazines pop up on the local newsstands, and everyday the newspapers carry photos of the idols nearing completion in Kumortuli.

And I wish to run away from work and roam around carefree and stay at home because Durga Puja is approaching, and I’m in Kolkata this time, and my parents are in Hooghly. However, 27 days are still left, so I’ll have to pass this time somehow.

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[I took this photo last weekend in an empty plot near my house in Salt Lake]


  1. wow!!!lovely reading ur blog!!bangalre is boring and indiffernt to festivities .....ur blog rejunivates my spirit and reminds me that pujo is coming!

  2. Was searching for a pic of Durga puja to put up with my post.. and thus landed on your blog..

    I wonder how Durga Pujo in Kolkata must be.. never been to Kolkata during Pujo...

    Enjoy and take care..

  3. looks very original.i am using it in my wallpaper.

  4. @Monami, Suspended Animation & Surajit: Thanks for visiting my blog. As I see from the dates, I get a comment on this post every September. :)
    You are welcome to use my photo as a wallpaper. Actually it has already been stolen and turned into an advertisement, so I appreciate that you are telling me.

  5. Hi Sugata,
    Such a nostalgic picture! May be it's joyous ! Today is Mahaasthami in our country ! Hope everything remains cool on your side ! I downloaded this photo for my personal collection ! Bye !

  6. @Tirtha: As I wrote above, I appreciate that you asked me about the photo - you are welcome to use it as a wallpaper. I dare say this is on its way to becoming the most stolen kash phool photo on the web, the most notable being here and the end of the page here.