Sunday, September 10, 2006

Defining "Silly"

I have been tagged by Anyesha to post a silly picture of myself on my blog. Since my sister is visiting me for a few days and I don't have time to post a proper write-up, I thought of doing the tag now.
The tag, however, posed a problem. Which photo to choose? Just like Anyesha said, I also have enough silly photos to fill an album. So I started sorting them, and tried to redefine the word 'silly'. Some of my silly photos were taken at such a young age that they lie on the border between 'silly' and 'cute'. Besides, if I am made to dress like a bride when I hardly have a say in the matter, you can't really call it silly. There were some others that look silly only because the context is known to me. Otherwise they are pretty ordinary.
After going through all the photos on my hard disk, I'm sure that this one takes the cake. Although this was taken when I was about five, as far as I remember, it was taken on my insistence.
The occasion was my sister's Annaprashan (first rice eating ceremony). The flower ornaments were the ones that she had worn during the ceremony. The flute was a toy flute that I had. I don't remember what prompted my insistence that I wear them, but I have a strong suspicion that it was Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan. I really don't know what is more silly; the ornaments on me, or the fact that I'm wearing a T-shirt and shorts while posing as Krishna.

Just in case you don't agree to my choice, here's another silly picture, a recent one that finished close second. This was taken on the day of the reception of my cousin sister's wedding this June. Wearing a dhuti is obviously not my everyday cup of tea, but still, I was too eager to get a photo clicked with my uncle's labrador Stella so that I could brag about my courage. Although Stella is actually a large pup and basically harmless, she has a habit of snapping at things within her reach. So I was too worried about her tugging at my dhuti. The expression on my face says the rest (click on image to enlarge).
This was the first tag that I did since I started blogging, and it seemed like fun. I now pass this funny tag on to Abhijit, Shreemoyee and Rohit.


  1. Come on. The first pic was not silly, if anything it was cute. And wearing dhoti is a matter of practice, so if you were wearing it for the first time then your worry is well justified :)

  2. @shreemoyee: Thanks abouth the first pic. As far as wearing a dhuti is concerned, it was definitely not my first time, but I wear it too rarely to have good practice.