Saturday, August 19, 2006

A week of extremes

That’s the only name I can think of for this week.

It started off with my parents arriving early morning last Sunday. I had an extremely enjoyable time with them. Visited Salar Jung, Charminar, Hussain Sagar, Birla Mandir, Ramkrishna Mission and Hyderabad Central. Also showed them around Hi Tech City. (This was the reason I couldn’t write a blog post for so long.) When my office reopened on Wednesday after a long weekend of four days, I was fully refreshed.

In the meantime my project at office ran into troubled waters with our onsite coordinator returning to India due to a personal emergency of a very unfortunate kind. With the system testing phase about to end and regression testing about to start, I have been extremely busy running test cases till late in the night.

And I’m likely to remain this way for some time to come, for this week is going to be the longest week of my professional life. I had office today, and again I have office tomorrow. Which means I’ll get the next holiday on next Saturday.

Which makes it a ten-day week for me.

Apart from the work at the office, I have to look for a new flat to stay, as our landlord wants us to vacate our present flat by the end of this month. But our searches so far reveal that "all the good ones are taken, and if one isn't taken, there's a reason for it."

That’s enough for tonight. I’ll write a proper blog post in a few days. Till then, enjoy these photos.


  1. Well hope both yopr profession and your new flat whenever you get it is a joy forever. Profession should always be a joy - Make your passion your profession

  2. I wanted to meet your parents. Hope this opportunity comes again. Nice photoes.

  3. @hiren: Thanks!

    @abhijit: Thanks, I also wanted my parents to meet my friends. Unfortunately both you and Smita were out of station.

  4. joy, ma baba ke nijer jayegaye peye tumi je ki bhishon khushi hoyeccho ta aami bujhte paacchi.amar baba jakhon prothom burnpur e eshechilo aami amar anando dhore rakhte paarchilaam na.eeta sara jibon er ekta notun obhigota, amar kaacche baba ma eshecche, baba maar kache aami noi.